CareTouch Diabetes Testing Kit
FAST RESULTS – Get results in as little as 5 seconds.
NO CODING – Our monitors recognize batch codes encrypted on each test strip, so there is no need for you to manually insert any code with each new batch.
HYGIENIC STRIP EJECTION – Our state-of-the-art monitoring system includes a single touch strip ejection, so you no longer have to worry about manually removing the soiled strip.
Active Forward Contour Next Diabetes Testing Kit
SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: This product is backed by an 18 month Warranty on ALL components (provided exclusively by OTC Outlet).
FAST & ACCURATE RESULTS: Highly Accurate Meter. Test Results within 5 seconds. Second Chance Sampling with tiny blood sample.
FRESH & LONG EXPIRATION DATE: All components have an expiration date of 12-24 Months
Bayer Contour Next EZ Glucose Meter
No Coding, Small Blood Sample, Fast 5 Second Countdown
Pre and Post meal markers with adjustable alarm
You will receive an unboxed meter, carrying case, and instruction manual

Best glucometers

A glucometer, or a blood glucose meter, is a small computerized device that is able to display your blood sugar level in just a few seconds. It is usually used by people who are diagnosed with diabetes, but other people buy one as well. Since it is highly important for a diabetic to be aware of his or her blood sugar levels, people try to find and purchase one of the best glucometers they can afford.

Unfortunately, glucometers are best sellers online. I say unfortunately because the percentage of diabetic people in the States is as it has never been before. Diabetes is linked to a poor lifestyle, sedentarism, and obesity. In fact, obesity and diabetes are on top of the list when it comes to causes of mortality and morbidity in the United States.

The benefits of having your own glucometer

Since diabetes is no joke, and if you have been diagnosed with this disease, you should definitely purchase the best glucometer for you. There are multiple benefits to owning your own, which is why I am going to help you find the perfect product. Until then, here are a few reasons why you should listen to me:

  • You do not have to go to your physician regularly – since you have your own glucometer, you do not depend on your primary care physician to tell you whether or not your glucose levels are where they are supposed to be. That can be a hassle, and you must make the trip too many times in one week. With a home-use glucometer, you can find out your blood sugar levels in just a few seconds.
  • You can adequately monitor your diet – a lot of things depend on your diet. After all, diet is the most effective method of keeping your diabetes in check. When you try different foods, you do not know for sure which one is the best for you. You can, however, find that out with the help of a glucometer. Just have your meal, wait a little while, and then check your blood sugar to see if what you ate did you good. If not, you can change it. Keeping a food diary is also something you can do. That way you can make a list of foods that help you when your blood sugar is too high or too low.
  • You can check whether your medication is working – diabetic people will often change their medication regime until they find the one that works best. You can find that out with the help of a glucometer. Your physician will tell you how much time you need to wait to see if the meds are working. If they do not work as they should, your glucometer will be able to tell you. That way, you can return to your doctor and change your meds.
  • It can help with your anxiety – diabetics are often victims of anxiety because of their risk of hypoglycemia. How many times have you not freaked out about it? You need to eat on time so that you do not reach hypoglycemia. A glucometer can help you put your mind at ease. You will know exactly how far you are from that happening. It cannot stop the event from happening, but it can alert you to stop it, so all is good.
  • It can prevent you from undertaking dangerous tasks – this applies to people who handle heavy machinery or drive on a regular basis. You may very well know that you cannot do that while your blood sugar is low. It can lead to accidents, and nobody wants that. That is why a glucometer can help prevent that. Just before doing your job or getting in your car you can check your blood sugar and decide from that point on.

As far as disadvantages go, there is none that I can call legitimate. Yes, not all glucometers are covered by your insurance, and there is the blood thing, but I do not find them reasons to not buy a glucometer. After all, glucometers are not that expensive, and as for the sting, modern glucometers need very little blood, so the pain should be close to none. Even so, it is a small price to pay for your wellbeing, don’t you think?

How to choose the best glucometer?

If you have bought a glucometer before, then you know what you are doing and what the best glucometer for you is. If you have not, however, I am going to show you how to choose the best glucose meter for you. There are a few things you need to look at before making a purchase. Just take a look at a product’s specifications, and you should be able to make the right choice. Here is what you need to consider:

  • Test time – people usually look for fast reading glucometers because they do not want to spend too much time checking their blood sugar. It is perfectly understandable, which is why you should go for a 5-second glucometer. If you have money to spend, you can go for a 3-second glucometer, but I am not sure that your insurance will cover that, and they are pretty expensive. In my opinion, those two seconds are not worth the expense. After all, 5 seconds is almost nothing, and you should be just fine with it.
  • Memory capacity – I do not even know if they make glucometers without memory nowadays, but you should look at how many readings a glucometer can remember before you buy a particular product. After all, you need to know your average, and how can you possibly know that if you do not have all the data? You can always write it down, but it is a lot easier with a glucometer with high memory capacity.
  • Blood volume – one of the best things about glucometers these days is that they do not require much blood to do their job. That is good news for you as well, because all you need is no more than a pinch. If you want numbers, go for a glucometer that requires about 0.5 μL. You have no idea how little that is, but it means less suffering for you.
  • Test strips – you need to buy a product that comes with test strips, the small thingies where you need to put blood inside the device. One strip can be used just once, which means that you will run out at some point. However, most manufacturers produce and sell separate test strips. Make sure that the product you buy has easy to find test strips. Otherwise, you can no longer use the glucometer. Incompatible test strips can lead to inaccurate readings, and you do not want that.

What are the best glucometers?

Finding the best glucometer is not that hard. You just need to pay attention to the specifications and make sure that you buy what you need. You can also read some glucometer reviews online so that you can get a clearer picture of what you are buying. If you do not want to go through all that, you can just choose one of the products below. They are all excellent glucometers, and I am sure you will like at least one of them.

CareTouch Diabetes Testing Kit

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The glucometer from CareTouch is one of the best you will find on the market. It is not pricey, but it costs more than most devices. However, you will receive a high-quality product that will deliver results as accurately as possible. That is one of the reasons why the CareTouch glucometer is one of the best-selling devices on the market.

The glucometer comes with 100 blood strips, but you have the possibility of purchasing additional strips once you finish the batch. The packages contain 300 strips, which should take you a while to go through. At the same time, you will spend about $9 for 300 strips, which is more than satisfactory.

As far as the result time is concerned, you need to wait only 5 seconds for the glucometer to display your blood sugar. It has a memory capacity of up to 300 readings, which will help you keep track of your average. The device will also display your average for a 14-day period. You need only 0.5 μL of blood for an accurate reading, which is a little as possible in this price range. Even so, it is just a small pinch, so you should not experience pain almost at all. Other features include a hygienic strip ejection. You do not have to manually remove the used strip. You also get a device that does not require coding. That means that a code is encrypted on each blood strip so that you do not have to manually insert a code to get a reading. The product arrives with a carrying case so that you can store the glucometer in a hygienic environment, and the control solution for accurate readings.

Active Forward Contour Next Diabetes Testing Kit

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The Contour Next Diabetes Testing Kit is yet another excellent product that should satisfy your needs as best as possible. You will get fast and accurate results with just a tiny blood sample. It takes 5 seconds for the device to show you the results, and it will do so as accurately as possible. You do not need another device other than this one.

The glucose meter from Contour Next is very easy to use. In fact, it is one of the favorites for people in their old age. That is because the device has some useful features for seniors. For example, it comes with alarm reminders, and it requires no coding. Just insert the strip in its place, and that is it. It can also store up to 100 readings and show averages for 7, 14, and 30-day periods.

The Contour Next glucose meter arrives with 100 test strips, but you can buy additional strips online. They are compatible with all Bayer glucometers. They are easy to find, so you should have no trouble purchasing them. All components have an extended expiration date (12-24 months.) You will also receive 100 Active Forward Lancets, the control solution, a manual, a log book, and a carry case for easy portability and hygienic storage.

Bayer Contour Next EZ Glucose Meter

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This product is for people who have everything they need except for the monitor. It happens more often than you think for diabetics to damage their monitor. That is why Bayer sells it separately, just as it does with the rest of the products. You will receive a Contour Next EZ monitor, just like the one presented in the kit above.

The monitor requires no coding, so you should have no trouble in getting a reading, it requires an insignificant blood sample, and the results are displayed in just 5 seconds. You can set pre and post-meal markers with an adjustable alarm. It comes in handy if you are trying out diets, but most diabetics like to do that on a daily basis.

The Bayer monitor arrives with a carrying case for easy transport and safe storage. You also receive a manual that I recommend you should read before using the device. You do not get the control solution or the blood strips, but you can buy those separately. Other than that, the monitor from Bayer is an excellent choice.

My recommendation

Making a choice from the three products may prove to be difficult because they are all excellent glucometers. However, if I were to choose one, I would go with the CareTouch Diabetes Testing Kit. You get a high-quality product at a very good price. It has all the features you need, the strips are easy to find, and people who have already bought it seem more than satisfied with their choice. That is why it is safe to assume that it is one of the best glucometers you can find online.


Your blood sugar level is nothing to joke around with, which is why you need to keep a close eye on it. One of the three product above will help you achieve precisely that, which is why I strongly recommend one of them. No matter which one you choose, I am sure you will be satisfied with the results. Click here to buy on Amazon

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